11. mednarodni tečaj epilepsije na San Servolu

Igor M Ravnik | 4. 2. 2013


Posredujem obvestilo o 11. mednarodnem tečaju epilepsije na San Servolu.

Ob tem opozarjamo, da bo konec avgusta v Ljubljani 8. mednarodna podiplomska konferenca in šola praktične epileptologije posvečena nevrokirurškemu zdravljenju epilepsije.

UKC Ljubljana 27. avgust 2013, Cankarjev dom 28. avgust 2013.

Informacije: [email protected]

Hvala, lp Igor M Ravnik

From: ILAE/IBE Congress Secretariat

11th International Course on Epilepsy: brain exploration and epilepsy surgery

14-26 July, 2013 San Servolo, Venice, Italy

Course directors Tatsuya Tanaka (Japan) Roberto Spreafico (Italy)

Scientific committee Giuliano Avanzini, Helen Cross, Marco de Curtis, Francesco Paladin, Roberto Spreafico, Tatsuya Tanaka

Aim of the course is to teach attendees to: (1) utilize basic knowledge for imaging and electrophysiological study of candidate patients to epilepsy surgery; (2) describe nature and evolution of surgically remediable epilepsies; (3) recognize and select patients with drug-resistant epilepsy that may benefit of surgical approach; (4) plan neurophysiological, video EEG and imaging investigations and interpret their results in the clinical context; (5) run and manage a team that collaborate in a Epilepsy Surgery Unit.

The course is primarily targeted at neurologists, neuropediatricians, neurophysiologists, neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons interested in the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of pharmacoresistant epilepsies, and in research programs implementing in an epilepsy surgery unit. Specific didactic material and equipment for practical sessions will be prepared, including EEGs and video EEGs, MRI, CT and angiographic films, software for EEG and experimental electrophysiological analysis. Students will be allowed to freely access the didactic material in a computer room and in other dedicated spaces.

The course will be limited to a maximum of 60 applicants to allow an optimal level of interaction with the faculty. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their CVs and consideration will be given to ensure participation of trainees from different geographical origins and disciplines.

Provisional faculty: Aronica, Arzimanoglou, Avanzini, Barkovich, Bartolomei, Becker, Bernasconi, Canevini, Cendes, Citterio, Colombo, Cross, de Curtis, Delalande, Elger, Engel, Francione, Galanopoulou, Gnatkovsky, Helmstaedter, Holthausen, Kahane, Lo Russo, Marras, Najm, Otsuki, Panzica, Spreafico, Stefan, Tanaka, Tassi, Villani, Wiebe

Registration fee: 2,550.00 euro in single room; 2,350.00 euro in twin-bedded room (VAT and bank expenses included).

The registration fee includes: · accommodation from Sunday, July 14 to Friday, July 26 (12 nights) · full board and coffee breaks for the entire duration of the course · access to the course and to the Venice International University facilities · course syllabus

Financial support covering the registration fee will be available for a limited number of applicants, born after 1973.

Please send application form and attachments by March 1, 2013, to the course secretariat: Metella Paterlini, [email protected], fax +39-02-700445211

More info at epilepsycongress.org

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