Magistrski program epileptologije, King’s College London

Igor M Ravnik | 26. 3. 2013

Posredujem informacijo o zanimivem magistrskem programu študija epileptologije v Londonu.

lp IM Ravnik

We are presently recruiting for the next student intake in September for the MSc Course in Epilepsy (Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London). This is a comprehensive multidisciplinary course on epilepsy of interest to health professionals, academics and patients.

This year we also introduce a textbook that follows the course syllabus and I think will be an invaluable aid to our students, in addition to constituting excellent didactic stand-alone learning material. The textbook is called “Introduction to Epilepsy”, and is published by Cambridge University Press.

MSc Course in Epilepsy:

Introduction to Epilepsy Textbook:

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