Delovno mesto za podoktorskega sodelavca na Češkem

Damijana Mojca Jurič | 17. 12. 2017

V Mednarodnem centru za klinične raziskave (FNUSA ICRC) na Češkem iščejo podoktorskega sodelavca. Več informacij se nahaja spodaj in v priponki.

Dear all,

This Letter is to express the greatest interest of the International Clinical Research Center of the St. Anne’s University Hospital (FNUSA-ICRC) based in Brno, the Czech Republic to further develop scientific collaboration with Slovenian institutions of similar research scope.

The International Clinical Research Center is part of the St. Anne´s University Hospital and focuses on finding new methods, technologies and medicaments for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular, neurological and selected oncological diseases. The unique location of FNUSA-ICRC within a university hospital guarantees direct access to a large catchment area of 1.5 million patients. The ICRC is a multidisciplinary center of excellence of applied cardiovascular, neurological and oncology research, medical education, clinical care and technology transfer with expanding global engagements in terms of both inter-institutional collaboration and international collaboration of individual research teams. We would like to kindly invite experts in the field of cardiology, neurology, oncology, biochemistry, basic research and mass spectrometry to participate in an open call organized by FNUSA-ICRC for three-month-fellowships for senior researchers in the above mentioned areas of research interests. The applicants will be evaluated by an International Board of recognized researchers. The costs will be covered by FNUSA-ICRC, fellowships are free of charge for the participants who will receive a monthly stipend.

Our vision is to establish a solid foundation for future collaboration in the most relevant fields of contemporary research. Accordingly, the open call draft is attached to this letter of intent. We would be most grateful if you would please consider supporting our initiative and could share our proposal with the relevant research institutions and universities in Slovenia.

Please find attached the description of the work opportunity which can also be found at our website:

On behalf of FNUSA-ICRC Chair, Dr. Gorazd Bernard Stokin, I would like to thank you very much for considering this opportunity. We would be very grateful for the possibility to extend our research scope.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Iva Šašinková ([email protected])


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