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Dear Dr. Huck,

> I was talking to Tamas Freund about the possibilty to have an IBRO

> School (lecture course) in Slovenia in 2004, jointly sponsored by

> the EERC, the WERC (where I am member and in charge of Schools), and

> possibly FENS (where Giorgio Innocenti is the chairman of Schools).

Your mail came as a major surprise to me. I have not thought in depth about the idea of a summer school since I had put it forward to Dr. Freund and the CEERC membership during our recent meeting at Bled. The response at that time was permissive but not really enthusiastic as the world seems to know little of Slovenian Neuroscience as an entity to "reckon with".

I promissed to reiterate the idea only if/when I have had sufficient effort invested into the design and scope of a Summer School in Slovenia. Now, you apparently had spoken about the possibility further. I would very much appreciate if you could at least give me a sense of direction regarding our conversation before I call you. Then I would be able to make better use of the time on the phone.

> Please call me at the institute (if tomorrow, thereafter at my

> private number +43-1-31 091 34). It is better to talk this over on

> the phone.

I will, not tonight, because I am in a major pressure for time, as I am giving a talk tomorrow and must leave in the middle of the night to get to the destination. I will call most likely on Saturday – if indeed there is a need for such urgency. Otherwise I could call you on Monday at work?

Best regards,

Maja Bresjanac

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