The preliminary programme of the Symposium

09:00   Cognitive neuroscience of working memory
chair: Grega Repovš

09:00   The cognitive psychology of working memory: what's new?, Alan Baddeley

09:20   Investigating the principles of human brain function underlying working memory: insights from schizophrenia, Garry Honey

09:40   What can research on schizophrenia tell us about the cognitive neuroscience of working memory? , Deana Barch

10:00   Working Memory, Cognitive Control and the Prefrontal Cortex: Computational and Empirical Studies , Todd Braver

10:20   Hippocampal encoding of behavioral sequences requires a multi-item working memory buffer, Ole Jensen

10:40   Coffee break and poster presentation

11:30   Are New Born Adult Neurons Important for Learning and Memory?, Paul Mohapel

11:50   Working memory: how is the information stored and processed in the prefrontal cortex?, Shintaro Funahashi

12:10   Prefrontal and premotor cortical contributions to working memory maintenance, Clayton E. Curtis

12:30   The role of prefrontal cortex in category learning: computational conjectures, David C. Noelle

13:00   Lunch

15:00   Cognitive neuroscience in Slovenia and Central-European region
chair: David B. Vodušek

15:00   The pyramid approach to research in cognitive neuroscience, Grega Repovš

15:20   Basal ganglia disorders as a model for cognitive-motor overlap, Zvezdan Pirtošek

15:40   Parietal cortex and visuomotor integration, P. Paolo Battaglini

16:00   Cognitive functioning after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with cerebrovascular disease without dementia: A pilot study of seven patients, Irena Rektorova

16:20   Effects of rivastigmine on working memory impairment in very mild Alzheimer's disease patients: a H215O PET activation study, Gilberto Pizzolato

16:40   Coffee break and poster presentation

17:30   Cognitive neuroscience in Slovenia - where are we now?, David B. Vodušek

17:45   Round table discussion: Cognitive neuroscience in Slovenia and Central-European region
chair: Zvezdan Pirtošek (Ljubljana), co-chair: Leontino Battistin (Padova), participants: P. Paolo Battaglini (Trieste), Irena Rektorova (Brno), Grega Repovš (Ljubljana), David B. Vodušek (Ljubljana)

Accepted posters for the morning poster session

Gamma band activity in humans during perception and retention of virtual pitches, Hanneke van Dijk, Michael Schulte, Eric Maris and Ole Jensen

The effects of chronic administration of haloperidol plus fluvoxamine, a treatment against negative symptoms, on the GABA system in rat frontal cortex , Chertkow Yael*, Weinreb Orly**, Youdim Moussa B.H.**, Silver Henry*

Characterization of the functional neurodynamic networks implied in a working memory task, Lachaux J. P.*, Mainy N.*, Kahane P.**

Power spectrum changes in Sternberg verbal working memory task, Sanjay Kumar*, Shobini L. Rao*, B. A. Chandra Mouli**

Nova regulates processing of genetic information for synaptic components, Ule J., Ule A., Jing-Shan H., Spencer J., Mele A., Ruggiu M., Fraser C., Jensen K. B., Williams A., Blume J., Darnell R. B.

Neural correlates of declarative memory formation and retrieval, a MEG study, Atsuko Takashima*, Ole Jensen*, Robert Oostenveld**,*, Eric Maris***, Guillén Fernández*

Assessing working memory in healthy subjects, Monika Wilkosc

Symmetry effects on visuo-spatial working memory , Laura Pieroni, Clelia Matilde Rossi-Arnaud

The role of intracellular calcium dynamics in the synaptic facilitation, Marat Mukhamedyarov

Working memory constraints on semantic processing in a dual task setting, Wirth M., Horn H.

Language processing problems: How central is the working memory functioning?, Melita Kovacevic, Gordana Dobravac, Jelena Kuvac, Marijan Palmovic

Accepted posters for the afternoon poster session

Emotional Stroop Task in Healthy Volunteers - Preliminary Results, Saška Roškar*, Grega Repovš**, Andrej Marušič*, Valentin Bucik**

Impairment of executive cognitive functions in chronic alcohol in-patients, Maja Zorko*, Andrej Marušič*, Zdenka Čebašek-Travnik**, Valentin Bucik***

Mini - Mental Status Exam: standardisation and validation for the elderly Slovenian population, Martin Rakuša*, Gal Granda*, Aleš Kogoj**, Janez Mlakar**, David B. Vodušek*

Interaction between emotions and memory performance, Miha Kočevar*, Blaž Koritnik**, Lilijana Šprah***

Early cognitive changes after a multiple deep hypothermic circulatory arrest due to aortic arch dissection: a case report., Ivan Kneževič*, Damir Štifanič**, Sanja Šešok***, Martina Jančar**

Early neuromagnetic responses to deviant faces in an oddball paradigm, Ana Sušac*, Risto J. Ilmoniemi**, Selma Supek*

Evaluation of some specific cognitive functions after cardiac bypass surgery , Vita Štukovnik*, Gorazd Košir**, Robert Lipovec**, Franc Gregorčič **, Dušan Flisar***

Electroencephalographic coherence changes in Sternberg verbal working memory task, Simon Brežan*, Veronika Rutar*, Vito Logar**, Blaž Koritnik*, Grega Repovš***, Jure Bon****, Aleš Belič**, Janez Zidar*

Assessment of language hemispheric dominance using functional magnetic resonance imaging, Ana Blatnik*, Kristjan Sancin*, Blaž Koritnik*, Franci Šimnic*, Jernej Knific**, Janez Zidar*, Vladimir Jevtić**