SNC'11 Programme consists of several plenary and special talks, thematic symposia, poster exhibitions and a few special events.

The basic structure of the conference is a string of independent symposia, chosen from the contributions to a call for symposia proposals covering topics from molecular and cellular to systems neuroscience and clinical research.

For an overview of the programme see Schedule-at-a-glance.

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Thursday, September 22nd

14:00   Registration | Second Foyer, 14:00—20:00
16:00   AOŽ Memorial lecture | Linhart Hall, 16:00—17:00
The α,β-hydrolase fold: offering adhesion and catalysis within the synapse

Palmer Taylor
17:00   Opening of the SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference '11 Central European FENS Featured Regional Meeting | Linhart Hall, 17:00—17:30
17:30   Plenary talk | Linhart Hall, 17:30—18:15
Principles and mechanisms of neuronal migration: relevance for human brain disorders

Pasko Rakic
18:15   Neuroscience and Society special event: Ethical dilemmas in neuroscience | Linhart Hall, 18:15—20:00
panel discussion
20:00   Welcome reception: Wine and cheese by the posters | Second Foyer, 20:00—22:00

Friday, September 23rd

7:30   Registration | Second Foyer, 7:30—19:00
8:30   Plenary talk | Linhart Hall, 8:30—9:15
Neural plasticity: liberating the brain from its genetic constraints

Colin Blakemore
9:15   Symposium | Linhart Hall, 9:15—10:45
Molecular mechanisms in epileptogenesis

Chair(s): Günther Sperk and Merab Kokaia
   The role of changes in the GABA system and of endocanabinoids in epileptogenesis
Zsofia Magloczky
   The role of neurogenesis in the development of epilepsy
Merab Kokaia
   A role for leukocyte-endothelial adhesion mechanisms in epilepsy
Paolo Fabene
   Over-expression of GABA system in the dentate gyrus of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy patients indicates a protective mechanism
Günther Sperk
   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, —10:45
Structure, plasticity and function of cortical circuits

Chair(s): Simon Rumpel
   Short and long term structural plasticity in the mouse neocortex
Anthony Holtmaat
   Timing of GABAergic neurons in cortical circuits
Thomas Klausberger
   Dynamics of the mouse auditory cortex
Simon Rumpel
   Information transformation between cortical regions during a tactile task
Mathew Diamond
10:45   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 10:45—11:00
11:00   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 11:00—12:30
Interneurons in the neocortex

Chair(s): Christian Wozny and Gábor Tamás
   Self-inhibition of fast-spiking basket cells: functional roles within cortical microcircuits
Alberto Bacci
   Frequency-dependent inhibition between neocortical pyramidal cells
Gilad Silberberg
   Interneurons at the end of the functional spectrum
Gábor Tamás
   Functional roles of neurogliaform cells in superficial layers of the neocortex
Christian Wozny
   Symposium | Linhart Hall, —12:30
Unconvential use of EEG: TMS co-registration and BCI

Chair(s): Paolo Battaglini
   Combining EEG and transcranial stimulation in neuroplasticity studies
Carlo Miniussi
   TMS-EEG studies of brain excitability and connectivity
Risto Ilmoniemi
   Brain Computer Interfaces: basic principles and perspectives
Paolo Battaglini
   Brain-Computer Interfaces: muscle-independent communication for the paralyzed
Tamara Matuz
12:30   Poster session & Lunch | Second Foyer, 12:30—14:30
   Molecular neuroscience A
   Systems Neuroscience A
   Cellular Neuroscience A
   Clinical neuroscience A
   Cognitive neuroscience A
   History of neuroscience
   Computational neuroscience
14:30   Symposium | Linhart Hall, 14:30—16:00
Molecular mechanisms of selected skeletal muscle disorders

Chair(s): Salvatore DiMauro
   Mitochondrial diseases of the skeletal muscle
Salvatore DiMauro
   Regulation of the sodium pump in skeletal muscle in conjunction with metabolically altered conditions
Alexander V. Chibalin
   Effect of neural agrin on the regenerative potential of the human skeletal muscle
Paola Lorenzon
   Response to hypoxia in the in vitro regenerating human skeletal muscle
Sergej Pirkmajer
   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, —16:00
Subcomponents in working memory: the role of interference

Chair(s): Jure Bon
   Emotion-cognition interactions in schizophrenia: effects of emotional distraction on working memory
Alan Anticevic
   Concurrent TMS-fMRI investigations to provide direct evidence for top-down prefrontal control in the presence of external interference
Eva Feredoes
   Working memory function in neurodegenerative disorders: a lesson from Huntington's disease
Christian Robert Wolf
   Interference control in visuospatial working memory
Jure Bon
16:00   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 16:00—16:15
16:15   Plenary talk | Linhart Hall, 16:15—17:00
On the relationship between emotion and cognition

Luiz Pessoa
17:00   EJN Best Publication Award 2011: A common molecular basis for membrane docking and functional priming of synaptic vesicles | Linhart Hall, 17:00—17:45
Lea Siksou
17:45   Translational neuroscience | Linhart Hall, 17:45—19:15
Drug-induced neuroplasticities in the prefrontal cortex

Chair(s): Ronald E. See
   Psychostimulant-induced neuroadaptive changes in prefrontal cortex and cognitive dysfunction
Ronald E. See
   Modulation of the neurotrophin BDNF in prefrontal cortex by psychotropic drugs
Fabio Fumagalli
   Neuroadaptations in amygdala and prefrontal cortex produced by antidepressants
Nina Karpova
   The role of cortical mGluRs in methamphetamine-induced memory deficits
Marek Schwendt
18:00   Meet FENS | Štih Hall, 18:00—19:00
20:00   Guided tour of the old town

Saturday, September 24th

7:30   Registration | Second Foyer, 7:30—19:00
8:30   Plenary talk | Linhart Hall, 8:30—9:15
Classifying clinical images: a new aid to dementia diagnosis with implications for treatment strategies

Richard Frackowiak
9:15   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 9:15—10:45
Neuronal ensemble recordings – insights into the function and dysfunction of brain circuits

Chair(s): Laszlo Acsady
   Ensemble activity of topographically aligned relay and reticular cells in the thalamus
Péter Barthó
   Using neural ensemble recordings to elucidate circuit dysfunction in the Parkinsonian basal ganglia
Peter J. Magill
   Encoding and reactivation of spatial memory traces by hippocampal cell assemblies
Jozsef Csicsvari
   Structure of neuronal population activity in auditory cortex
Kenneth D. Harris
   Educational Workshop on Affective Neuroscience | Linhart Hall, —16:00
see Quick links for details
10:45   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 10:45—11:00
11:00   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 11:00—12:30
Intracellular signalling mechanisms of dopamine related dysfunctions

Chair(s): Gilberto Fisone and Riccardo Brambilla
   Identification of neuronal and molecular targets for antiparkinsonian and antipsychotic drugs
Gilberto Fisone
   The Ras-ERK signalling pathway in the control of hyperdopaminergic disorder
Riccardo Brambilla
   Pharmacological and genetic modulation of signalling pathways improves L-dopa induced dyskinesia: RGS, GRK and PSD-95
Erwan Bezard
   Experimental models of dopamine-related dysfunctions
Raul R. Gainetdinov
12:30   Poster session & Lunch | Second Foyer, 12:30—14:30
   Clinical neuroscience B
   Cognitive neuroscience B
   Molecular neuroscience B
   Systems neuroscience B
   Cellular neuroscience B
   Neuroscience methods
14:30   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 14:30—16:00
Breakdown of the superinformation system in Alzheimer disease: culprits and victims

Chair(s): Michal Novak
   Classification and basic pathology of Alzheimer disease
Charles Duyckaerts
   The fatal dialog between chronic neuroinflammation and tau neurodegeneration
Norbert Zilka
   Are Tau proteins only microtubule-associated proteins? Toward a role in nucleus and plasma membrane
Luc Buee
   Neuroendocrine – immune interactions in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration
Peter Filipcik
16:00   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 16:00—16:15
16:15   Plenary talk | Linhart Hall, 16:15—17:00
Untangling the role of protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases

Maria Grazia Spillantini
17:00   Dr. Janez Faganel Memorial lecture | Linhart Hall, 17:00—17:45
Biomarkers for myasthenia gravis

Donald B. Sanders
17:45   Translational neuroscience | Linhart Hall, 17:45—19:15
Dementias – from detecting biomarkers to designing drugs

Chair(s): Zvezdan Pirtošek
   Alzheimer’s disease: present and future treatment strategies
Bengt Winblad
   Candidate neurophysiological markers of Alzheimer’s disease
Vesna Jelic
   CSF biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and atypical parkinsonism
Elka Stefanova
   Neurodegenerative syndromes which manifest with parkinsonism and dementia
Milica G. Kramberger
20:00   Conference dinner: FENS - SiNAPSA social at the castle

Sunday, September 25th

7:30   Registration | Second Foyer, 7:30—15:00
8:30   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 8:30—10:00
Amygdala networks and the regulation of fear

Chair(s): Francesco Ferraguti
   Structural and Functional Diversity of the Intercalated Cell Masses of the Amygdala and implications for fear learning
Francesco Ferraguti
   Perisomatic inhibition in the basolateral amygdala and its control by inputs from basal forebrain
Norbert Hájos
   Neuropetide S: control of state-dependent properties in the amygdala in instances of stress and fear
Hans Christian Pape
   Neuropeptide Y modulates fear, anxiety and depression-like behavior in distinct nuclei of the amygdala
Ramon O. Tasan
   Symposium | Linhart Hall, —10:00
Lifetime development and reorganization of cortical circuitry

Chair(s): Ivica Kostović
   Development of associative pathways in the human brain
Ivica Kostović
   Molecular evolution and development of neural circuits of the cerebral cortex
Kyle Meyer
   Extraordinary neoteny of the human prefrontal cortex: massive synaptic pruning on main projection neurons extends to third decade
Zdravko Petanjek
   Association of cortical thickness and cognitive ability in children and adolescents
Sherif Karama
10:00   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 10:00—10:15
10:15   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 10:15—11:45
The “grass roots” of plasticity in the brain: endocannabinoids as key regulators of synapses, networks and behaviors

Chair(s): István Katona
   Molecular architecture of synaptic endocannabinoid signaling in the brain
István Katona
   Astrocytes control spike-timing dependent plasticity at cortical synapses
Thomas Nevian
   Dendritic and perisomatic inhibition in the hippocampal CA1 circuit
Attila Losonczy
   Cannabinoid type 1 signaling: the "where" matters
Giovanni Marsicano
   Symposium | Linhart Hall, —11:45
Sex differences in brain and behavior

Chair(s): Emilie Rissman
   Sex chromosomes direct sex differences
Emilie Rissman
   Sex differences in the brain: an interplay between genes and hormones
Gregor Majdič
   Environment and brain sexual differentiation: what role for endocrine disrupters?
Giancarlo Panzica
   Sexual differentiation of the human brain: consequences for gender-identity, sexual orientation and neuropsychiatric disorders
Dick Swaab
11:45   Plenary talk | Linhart Hall, 11:45—12:30
Wired for sex: the neurobiology of Drosophila courtship behaviour

Barry J. Dickson
12:30   Closing of the SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference '11 Central European FENS Featured Regional Meeting | Linhart Hall, 12:30—12:40


Poster sessions

Friday, September 23rd

12:30   Cellular Neuroscience A
CEL-A01   Unilateral entorhinal denervation leads to long-lasting dendritic alterations of mouse hippocampal granule cells
Mario Vuksic
CEL-A02   siRNA silencing of HIF-1α annulates protecive effect of hypoxia against induced apoptosis of human myoblasts exposed to 1% oxygen under in vitro conditions
Katarina Pegan
CEL-A03   Staurosporine induces apoptosis or primary necrosis in rat astrocytes
Janez Šimenc
CEL-A04   The effect of enriched environment breeding on the perineuronal nets and neurogenesis in tenascin C knockout mice
Stefan Stamenkovic
CEL-A05   Ischemia-induced neurogenesis in the long-term survival rat model
Vera Sekeljic
CEL-A06   Excitatory synaptic input controls the spiking activity of neurons during sharp wave-ripple oscillations in the CA3 region of hippocampal slices.
Rita Karlócai
CEL-A07   Suppression of excitatory synaptic inputs onto CA3 pyramidal cells and fast spiking basket cells by CB1 cannabinoid receptor activation results in the impairment of hippocampal gamma oscillations
Orsolya Papp
CEL-A08   Effect of acute injection of fluoxetine in rats with constitutional upregulation/downregulation of platelet serotonin transporter
Maja Kesic
CEL-A09   Microcystin-LW induces apoptosis of rat cortical astrocytes
Klara Bulc Rozman
CEL-A10   Human anterior lens capsule epithelial cells contraction
Sofija Andjelić
CEL-A11   Characteristics of functioning of amygdalar neuronal network during unconditioned fear
Maria P. Rysakova
CEL-A12   Local synaptic connectivity in the adult auditory cortex
Bruno M. Fontinha
CEL-A13   Polyphenols can rescue neurons from necrotic and apoptotic cell death due to oxidative damage
Lea Pogačnik
CEL-A14   Alteration of brain circuits mediating fear and anxiety like behaviors in Steroidogenic factor 1 knockout mice
Tomaž Büdefeld
CEL-A15   Distribution and morphology of different GABAergic interneuron subpopulations in the human neocortex
Domagoj Džaja
CEL-A16   Abnormal regulation of the neuron-specific isoform of Elk-1 in response to l-dopa treatment in the 6-OHDA mouse model of Parkinson’s disease.
Michael Feyder
CEL-A17   Structural changes of GABAergic synapses upon fear conditioning in basolateral neurons of the mouse amygdala.
Yu Kasugai
12:30   Clinical neuroscience A
CLI-A01   Evaluation of astrocytomas
Tatiana Madan
CLI-A02   Proprioceptive stimulation as a treatment in nystagmus damping
Sonja Alimović
CLI-A03   Odor identification and cognitive abilities in Alzheimer's disease
Mladenka Tkalčić
CLI-A04   Emotional and temperament profile of remitted patients with major depression and bipolar mood disorder in comparison with healthy volunteers
Barbara Dolenc
CLI-A05   In vivo differentiation of Richardson’s syndrome and progressive supranuclear palsy-parkinsonism from Parkinson’s disease: our experience
Rajka M. Liscic
CLI-A06   Proteomic analysis of mouse synaptosomal proteins during development and in a model of Rett syndrome.
Kaja Moczulska
CLI-A07   Cerebral and systemic endothelial function in migraine patients
Denis Perko
CLI-A08   Oxidative stress in mild cognitive impairment, a signal for Alzheimer disease?
Manuela Padurariu
CLI-A09   Changes in the EEG spectrum and vegetative indicators while presentation of emotionally significant stimuli in healthy adults, children and patients in a coma
Galina V. Portnova
CLI-A10   A multivariate age adjusted analysis of the effects of anesthetics on the depth of the induced EEG burst suppression pattern
Nadja Jarc
CLI-A11   Intraoperative monitoring of S1 nerve-root retraction force and spinal nerve-root potentials during lumbar discectomy – a pilot study
Matej Makovec
CLI-A12   Bilateral schizencephaly in a child with congenital cytomegalovirus infection
Ivana Đaković
CLI-A13   Ultrasound in diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome
Dražen Ažman
12:30   Cognitive neuroscience A
COG-A01   Postnatal development of apical oblique dendrites on pyramidal neurons in the human prefrontal cortex
Zdravko Petanjek
COG-A02   Sex differences in early communication development reveal developmental windows for analyzing sex-related differences in early brain maturation
Maja Cepanec
COG-A03   Fronto-parietal role in monitoring predictive visuo-spatial trajectories
Antonino Vallesi
COG-A04   Auditory processing in children with hearing loss associated with otitis media with effusion-gender dependence,ear side effect
Jadranka Handžić
COG-A05   Cortical connections investigated by magnetic stimulation of the parieto-occipital cortex: a TMS/EEG co-registration study
Pierpaolo Busan
COG-A06   Portable BCI device with particular emphasis on signal-to-noise ratio
Marcello Turconi
COG-A07   Individual-typological differences in human behavior in conditions of the reward choice with risk
Alexander Zaleshin
COG-A08   Zoning out while reading: what eyes can tell about attention
Christoph Huber
COG-A09   Alteration of cholinergic transmission and memory functions in the non-transgenic model of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease
Ana Knezovic
COG-A10   Possible adverse impact of polytherapy on emotionally modulated cognitive control performance in remitted bipolar disorder
Tatjana Novak
COG-A11   Patterns of brain rhythms at performing cognitive tasks with gradually changing properties
Anastasia O. Roik
COG-A12   Serotonin enhances cognitive performance: studies on Wistar-Zagreb 5HT rat
Gordana Mokrovic
COG-A13   The comparison of visuospatial working memory in 8- to 12-year-old schoolchildren with and without learning disability
Sara Nakhai
COG-A14   A novel method for distinguishing novelty and frequency effect in the modulation of the Nc evoked potential in infants
Márton Nagy
COG-A15   Anatomical, neurochemical and functional consequences of selective cholinergic lesioning combined with local infusion of pre-aggregated amyloid peptide
Giulio Kleiner
12:30   Computational neuroscience
COM-A01   Co-expression toggling of microRNAs in Alzheimer’s brain
Malay Bhattacharyya
COM-A02   An online brain-machine interface using decoding of movement direction from the human electrocorticogram
Tomislav Milekovic
COM-A03   Integration of the inputs to the neo-cortical pyramidal cells and the role of background activity
Miha Pelko
COM-A04   Irreversible inhibition of Monoamine Oxidase B: a computational study
Rok Borštnar
COM-A05   Differentiation of parkinsonian and essential tremor using digitalized spirography and a computer decision support system
Dejan Georgiev
12:30   History of neuroscience
HIS-A01   Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930): the arctic explorer, the winner of the Nobel peace prize and the co-founder of the neuron theory
Miloš Judaš
12:30   Molecular neuroscience A
MOL-A01   Identification of microRNAs regulating expression of Arc protein in hippocampal neuron cultures
Sue Olsen
MOL-A02   Impaired autophagy: a shared feature between neurodegenerative diseases and progressive myoclonus epilepsies
Eva Žerovnik
MOL-A03   The effect of perinatal treatments with 5-hydroxytryptophan and tranylcypromine on central 5HT concentrations and metabolism in adult rats
Dubravka Hranilović
MOL-A04   Changes at GABA-A receptors induced by long-term zolpidem treatment in primary culture of rat cerebellar granulle neurons
Josipa Vlainić
MOL-A05   Brain and spinal cord affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis induce different growth factors expression patterns in neural and mesenchymal rat stem cells
Dinko Mitrecic
MOL-A06   Alzheimer-related neuronal changes and molecular chaperones
Zorka Milićević
MOL-A07   Stam2 expression in the central nervous system during embryodevelopment
Marija Ćurlin
MOL-A08   The cross-road between mechanisms of protein folding and aggregation by studies of stefin B (Y31) wild-type variant and its H75 mutant
Aida Smajlović
MOL-A09   Involvement of key components of Wnt signaling in human astrocytic brain tumors
Nives Pećina-Šlaus
MOL-A10   Complex structural composition of accumulated GD1a species in brain tissue of GD3 synthase knockout mice
Dragana Marinčić
MOL-A11   Na,K-ATPase beta3 subunit gene expression is altered in brain tissue of ganglioside deficient mice
Svjetlana Kalanj Bognar
MOL-A12   Decreased adult brain neurogenesis in the rat overexpressing ICER II (TG ICER II)
Katarzyna Bieganska
MOL-A13   Different intracellular localization of STAM adaptor proteins in neurons
Katarina Kapuralin
MOL-A14   Inflammatory and neuroprotective proteins in the thalamus following traumatic brain injury in the rat
Kristina Pilipović
MOL-A15   The effect of propofol on BDNF and TrkB expression in postnatal rat brain: neuroprotection via Akt/ERK signaling
Jelena Popic
MOL-A16   Long-term exposure of recombinant GABAA receptors to neurosteroid dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS)
Julija Erhardt
MOL-A17   Sex differences in the brain gene expression in WT and SF-1 knockout mice determined by microarray analysis
Tanja Španić
MOL-A18   Glucose-oxygene deprivation induces qualitative and quantitative changes in histamine uptake into cultured rat astrocytes
Marko Muhič
MOL-A19   Promoter DNA methylation before the onset of neurogenesis is dependent on cluster structure, and regulates allocation of isoforms gene expression in each Protocadherin cluster
Shunsuke Toyoda
MOL-A20   Histamine H3 receptor in astrocytes: role in NT-3 synthesis
Tina Mele
MOL-A21   Brain perfusion changes in Parkinson's disease: the effect of dopaminergic treatment
Barbara Starovasnik Žagavec
MOL-A22   Neuroprotective effect of quercetin against hydrogen peroxide-induced cell death in the culture of P19 neurons
Maja Jazvinšćak Jembrek
12:30   Systems Neuroscience A
SYS-A01   Effects of perinatal treatments with 5-hydroxytryptophan and tranylcypromine on serotonin-related behavior in adult rats
Sofia Blazevic
SYS-A02   The effect of acute and subchronic folic acid administration on electroencephalographic characteristics of homocisteine induced epilepsy
Aleksandra Rašić Marković
SYS-A03   Non-ACTH-mediated glucocorticoid secretion regulation of the adrenal cortex
János Varga
SYS-A04   Severity of lindane-induced seizures: alteration by 7-nitroindazole
Dragan Hrnčić
SYS-A05   A simple mathematical model accounts for the reactive electrocortical burst-suppression behavior during anesthetic coma
Alexandra Oana Constantinescu
SYS-A06   Decreasing connectivity and functional network size in the CA3 region of thick hippocampal slices, reduces sharp-wave incidence.
Daniel Schlingloff
SYS-A07   The influence of dietary restriction on phytosterol levels in the aging rat brain
Kosara Smiljanic
SYS-A08   Laminar distribution of the slow oscillation in rat somatosensory cortex under anesthesia
Richard Fiáth
SYS-A09   Evaluation of a Bayesian model of pain modulation and placebo effect
Marco Zanon
SYS-A10   Pain perception and placebo analgesia as a Bayesian probabilistic inference
Davide Anchisi
SYS-A11   Synaptotagmins 4 and 7 are not involved in the striatal vesicular transport of neuropeptides substance P and enkephalin
Gordana Glavan
SYS-A12   Prenatal and early postnatal development of modular organization in the human striatum
Sanja Darmopil
SYS-A13   Chronic fluoxetine treatment has antidepressant effect in female but not in male mice behavior in forced swim test
Jasmina Kerčmar
SYS-A14   Neural stem cells-enriched tubulization improves anatomical and functional restoration of severed rat sciatic nerve
Lucia Verga Falzacappa

Saturday, September 24th

12:30   Cellular neuroscience B
CEL-B01   GAP43 is expressed in early phase of neuronal response on cerebral ischemia
Dunja Gorup
CEL-B02   Distribution profile and quantification of NMDA and mGlu1 receptors within two distinctive dorsolateral pontine nuclei in rats
Milan Stoiljkovic
CEL-B03   Morphological and quantitative analysis of neurons in lateral human hypothalamus and distribution of OX1R receptors
Dimitrios G. Mytilinaios
CEL-B04   A novel cell-based fluorescence method of the analysis of BDNF secretion from living neurons
Perrine Friedel
CEL-B05   Comparison of electroporation and lipofection for in vitro transfer of plasmid PEGFP-N1 into human myoblasts
Tomaž Marš
CEL-B06   Morphology of astrocytes in subplate in cystic and non-cystic white matter injury of preterm infants
Ivana Pogledic
CEL-B07   Alteration in perineuronal nets in the somatosensory cortex after photothrombotic stroke in the rats
Magdalena Karetko-Sysa
CEL-B08   The human fetal subventricular zone: regional differences in laminar organization
Mislav Pap
CEL-B09   Modulation of glutamatergic synaptic transmission in prefrontal cortex by 5-HT2A receptors
Alexander Barre
CEL-B10   Synaptic alterations of human caudate nucleus in Alzheimer’s disease
Konstantinos I. Tsamis
CEL-B11   Different distribution pattern and number of proliferating cells along the spinal cord ependyma
Juraj Blasko
CEL-B12   Hemisection of the cervical spinal cord and its effect on descending bulbospinal respiratory pathway
Ludmila Hricová
CEL-B13   Transplantation of neural progenitors after spinal cord injury in the rat
Ivana Novotna
CEL-B14   LFS induced LTD of glutamatergic neurotransmission at synapses of rat DRG neurons with rat dorsal horn spinal cord neurons in co-culture
Maria Shypshyna
CEL-B15   Antiretroviral CNS Penetration Effectiveness rank is associated with HIV small fibre neuropathy measured by intraepidermal nerve fibre density
Kyriaki Panagiotopoulou
CEL-B16   Audiogenic seizures selectively activate hippocampal neurons in young mice affected by Fragile X Syndrome
Fabio Gualtieri
12:30   Clinical neuroscience B
CLI-B01   Visual fields in temporal arteritis
Ana Fakin
CLI-B02   Changes in cognition-related ERPs in early stage sporadic ALS patients
Vita Štukovnik
CLI-B03   Cortical activity during conscious and non-conscious breathing
Ditka Jeran
CLI-B04   Impact of fesoteridine treatment of Overactive Bladder (OAB) on brain activation
Maruša Strgulc
CLI-B05   The effects of 40 hours of sleep deprivation and recovery night on circadian profile of human immune cells
Bojan Rojc
CLI-B06   Finger-flexion and sniffing related cortical motor potentials in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – a pilot study
Nataša Bizovičar
CLI-B07   Assessment of autonomic neurotoxicity in 10-16 year old children with different background exposure by heart rate variability
Svitlana L. Tymchenko
CLI-B08   EEG characteristics of men and women with alexithymic personality type
Sergii Tukajev
CLI-B09   Parameters of ventricular repolarization (QT variability and QTvariability index) in cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy with diabetes patients type 1
Nina Vujasinovič
CLI-B10   Glutathione S-transferase gene polymorphisms association with disease severity and progression of multiple sclerosis
Koraljka Bačić Baronica
CLI-B11   Quality of life outcomes at least 1 year after subarachnoid hemorrhage treatment in Tartu University Clinic
Artur Vetkas
CLI-B12   Fluoxetine treatment during pregnancy, for better or worse?
Jocelien Olivier
CLI-B13   Diagnostic value of cerebrospinal fluid biomarker levels in patients with Alzheimer's disease
Marija Dulovic
12:30   Cognitive neuroscience B
COG-B01   Unattended visual change detection: an MEG spatio-temporal source localization study
Ana Susac
COG-B02   Early communication development in premature infants: do ex-preterms show autistic profile?
Maja Cepanec
COG-B03   Reduced fear conditioning after AAV-NPY administration into the basolateral amygdala
Dilip Verma
COG-B04   Naringin attenuates D-galactose induced ageing in mice: possible behavioral, biochemical and mitochondrial enzyme alterations
Atish Prakash
COG-B05   Effect of the categorization task on the N1 visual evoked potential
Szilvia Linnert
COG-B06   Morphological characterization of large intercalated neurons provides novel insight on intrinsic networks of the amygdala
Francesco Ferraguti
COG-B07   Antianxiety effect of fluoxetine requires a combination of drug treatment and psychological exposure therapy
Nina N. Karpova
COG-B08   Features of brain asymmetry and situational anxiety depending on self-appraisal
Anna Stepanyan
COG-B09   Pilot fMRI study of deployment-ready and novice soldiers mental involvement to presentation of real-life combat videos
Milan Radoš
COG-B10   Bilateral fronto-central EEG synchronization of theta frequencies in verbal and spatial working memory tasks
Veronika Rutar
COG-B11   Changes in the plasticity of the nervous tissue caused by alterations of the amyloid-degrading enzyme enprilysin expression and activity lead to memory deficit
Dmitri S. Vasilev
COG-B12   Influence of conscious and unconscious thought processes on multidimensional decision making
Simon Brezovar
COG-B13   Electrophysiological correlates of order information coding in visual working memory: preliminary results
Barbara Dolenc
COG-B14   Extended access to methamphetamine results in lasting cognitive deficits accompanied by decreased surface expression of mGluR2/3 receptors in the rat prefrontal cortex
Marek Schwendt
COG-B15   The impact of epileptiform EEG discharges on cognitive performance
David Gosar
COG-B16   Noradrenergic contribution to spatial learning and memory: effects of selective lesion and tissue transplants
Francesco Fieramosca
12:30   Molecular neuroscience B
MOL-B01   Experimental ischemic stroke: changes in lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities in rat cortex
Jasenka Mršić-Pelčić
MOL-B02   LPS-induced IL-6 secretion enhance proliferation of human myoblasts
Urška Matkovič
MOL-B03   Interspecies differences in PSA-NCAM zones in adult fish brain
Irena Labak
MOL-B04   Complex gangliosides in fish brain
Barbara Viljetić
MOL-B05   The lack of association of GABRA2 polymorphism and alcohol dependence in Croatian population
Dubravka Švob Štrac
MOL-B06   TDP-43 regulates nuclear transport and RNA-binding proteins
Maja Štalekar
MOL-B07   A role for CK2 in dopamine signaling
Heike Rebholz
MOL-B08   Nuclear transport of TDP-43
Vera Župunski
MOL-B09   Motor nerve regulation of myosin heavy chain I mRNA expression in mature and immature rat muscles
Marjeta Pavlovec
MOL-B10   Regulation of parvalbumin mRNA expression in fast and slow rat muscle
Špela Glišović
MOL-B11   Expression of neuroplastin is increased in hippocampal tissue affected by Alzheimer's neurodegeneration
Martina Gačić
MOL-B12   Delayed evolution of ischemic lesion and processes of cell death in TLR2 deficient mice
Ivan Bohacek
MOL-B13   SEMA3A regulates local axonal branching of GABAergic interneurons through fine regulation of cGMP level
Jean-Michel Cioni
MOL-B14   Cluster analysis of AQP-4 in rat ALS model
Andrej Korenic
MOL-B15   Immunocytochemical localization of mammalian secreted phospholipases A2 in an experimental model of the in vitro innervated human muscle
Borut Jerman
MOL-B16   Downregulation of miR-195 via Cyclosporin A suppresses the growth of human glioblastoma cells
Yavuz Dodurga
MOL-B17   Ganglioside composition and structure analysis in human dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor
Dragana Marinčić
MOL-B18   Distribution of extracellular matrix molecules in a fetal and neonatal human brain
Nataša Jovanov-Milošević
MOL-B19   An immunological insight into the hypothalamic proline-rich polypeptide PRP-1 protective activity in vivo against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection
Andranik Durgaryan
MOL-B20   Activity of SKa-31 against seizure-like events in rat organotypic hippocampal slice cultures
Muhammad Liaquat Raza
MOL-B21   Effect of neuraminidase-inhibition on synaptic plasticity in rat hippocampus
Alina Savrasova
MOL-B22   Alcohol self-administration in the Sprague-Dawley rat: the role of the glutamate
Lori Knackstedt
12:30   Neuroscience methods
MET-B01   Effect of serum osmolarity changes on cerebrospinal fluid pressure and volume
Marijan Klarica
MET-B02   High channel count electrophysiology system to investigate thalamocortical interactions
Domonkos Horváth
MET-B03   Cortical plasticity in drug-naive Parkinson´s disease patients
Aleksandra Kačar
MET-B04   Developing a deeper understanding of autism through literature mining
Marta Macedoni-Lukšič
MET-B05   Fractal characterization of surface EMG induced by TMS and peripheral stimulation of the same target muscle
Milena Cukić
MET-B06   The APASS EEG reference and its utility for EP/ERP applications – theoretical background and preliminary results
Jurij Dreo
MET-B07   The effect of cold pressor test on visually evoked cerebral blood flow velocity response
Andrej Fabjan
12:30   Systems neuroscience B
SYS-B01   Tangential migration in the human telencephalon during second half of gestation
Zdravko Petanjek
SYS-B02   The effect of single acute cocaine exposure on the local network activity of PFC neurones in mice in vivo and in vitro as revealed by optogenetic methods
Tamas Tompa
SYS-B03   Phase of spike coding of sounds in the hippocampus
Ekaterina Vinnik
SYS-B04   The respiratory neurons impulse activity changes upon some hypothalamus structures stimulation in hypoxia
Rubina S. Harutyunyan
SYS-B05   RNA interference of cerebellar Cav2.1 calcium channels generate stress induced ataxia in adult mice
Julie Salvi
SYS-B06   Early and late MRI changes in rat brain after prolonged seizures and nonspatial memory impairment
Elena Suleymanova
SYS-B07   Parvalbumin neurons and calretinin immunoreactive fibers degenerate in the subiculum after kainate-induced seizures in the rat
Meinrad Drexel
SYS-B08   Hypoxic preconditioning abolishes changes of CRH and vasopressin expression in hypothalamus triggered by inescapable stress in animal models of depression and anxiety
Vera Mironova
SYS-B09   Ingrowth of sensory axons into end-to-side neurorrhaphy – a retrograde tracer study in rat
Tilen Žele
SYS-B10   Neonatal exposure to organophosphorous substance chlormephos affect anxiety-like behaviour in adult mice, but does not permanently disrupt blood brain barrier
Davor Ježek
SYS-B11   The expression of cathepsin X and gamma enolase in mouse models of Alzeimer's disease and neuroinflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide
Gordana Glavan
SYS-B12   Comparative study of the influence of the acute administration of drugs of abuse on 50 kHz ultrasonic vocalization in male rats
Nicola Simola
SYS-B13   Aversive effects of ethanol. Ethanol-induced conditioned taste avoidance in male Wistar rats
Beatriz González Segura

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