SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference '21 (SNC'21) is the 9th biennial international neuroscience meeting organized by SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association.

SNC'21 will cover a wide array of neuroscience topics. The core SNC'21 programme consists of plenary and special lectures, thematic symposia and poster presentations.

In addition, SNC'21 has a number of accompanying events: Dr. Janez Faganel Memorial Lecture and Ljubljana Clinical Neurophysiology Symposium, Educational Workshop on Proteostasis and Protein Misfolding in CNS Disorders (EWPM), Prof. Andrej O. Župančič Memorial Lecture and Neuroscience and Society Dialogue event, open for the general public.

Due to the worldwide epidemiological situation SNC'21 will be an entirely virtual event. There will be no participation fee, but the attendees will have to register ahead of SNC'21, and the number of attendee slots will be limited.

Registration is now open. You can opt to register for the whole SNC'21 Programme or choose to attend only a segment of the Programme: SNC'21 Plenary Talks and Thematic Symposia, EWPM or Neuroscience and Society Dialogue event. Separate registration for the Ljubljana Clinical Neurophysiology Symposium '21 is also possible.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon request to registered participants, who log in and attend the SNC'21 Programme.

If you are interested in receiving CME credits from the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, please check the appropriate box in the registration form.

The official language of SNC'21 and all accompanying events is English.

SNC'21 Book of Abstracts is available for download.

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