SNC'23 Programme

Thursday, 28 September 2023

11:00   Registration | Poster exhibition area, 11:00—12:45
12:45   SNC'23 Opening | Hall I, 12:45—13:00
13:00   Plenary talk | Hall I, 13:00—13:45
Molecular neuroimaging, brain connectivity, neurodegenerative conditions: a challenging interplay

Daniela Perani
13:45   Symposium | Hall I, 13:45—15:45
Tracking brain connections in neurodegenerative brain disorders

Chair: Matej Perovnik and Maja Trošt
13:45   Symposium | Hall II, 13:45—15:45
Neuroimmune disorders

Chair: Ivana Munitić
15:45   Coffee Break | Poster exhibition area, 15:45—16:15
16:15   Symposium | Hall I, 16:15—18:15
Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) – understanding brain oscillations and movement in natural and extreme environments

Chair: Uroš Marušič and Klaus Gramann
16:15   Symposium | Hall II, 16:15—18:15
Neurodegeneration and protein aggregation; are aggregates protective or harmful; what comes first protein aggregation or oxidative stress?

Chair: Eva Žerovnik
18:15   Lecture | Hall II, 18:15—19:00
ICGEB Lecture: NOS1AP and RGNEF as novel RNA-binding protein modifiers of TDP-43 pathology in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Emanuele Buratti
19:00   Neuroscience & Society Dialogue | Hall I, 19:00—20:30

Friday, 29 September 2023

9:00   Short Oral Presentations | Hall II, 9:00—10:45
10:45   Coffee Break | Poster exhibition area, 10:45—11:10
11:10   Dr. Janez Faganel Memorial lecture | Hall I, 11:10—12:00
Biomarker development in ALS: from muscle to brain to blood

Martin Turner
12:00   Lunch | Poster exhibition area, 12:00—13:00
12:00   Roche Satellite Symposium | Hall II, 12:00—13:00
13:00   Poster Session | Poster exhibition area, 13:00—14:00
13:00   Medison Satellite Symposium | Hall II, 13:00—14:00
14:00   Symposium | Hall I, 14:00—16:00
Neuroendocrine plasticity of the brain: from biology to therapy

Chair: Klementina Fon Tacer and Tomaž Bratkovič
16:00   Coffee Break | Poster exhibition area, 16:00—16:30
16:30   Symposium | Hall I, 16:30—18:30
Brain health: public interest, assessment tools, effects of modifying lifestyle factors

Chair: Mara Bresjanac
18:30   AOŽ Memorial lecture | Hall I, 18:30—19:15
Predicting chronic pain

Apkar V. Apkarian
20:30   SNC'23 Social Event

Saturday, 30 September 2023

11:15   Plenary talk | Hall I, 11:15—12:00
Deregulation of immunity in injured brain: exploring novel regulatory mechanisms and targets

Jasna Križ
12:00   Lunch | Poster exhibition area, 12:00—13:00
12:00   Genesis Pharma Satellite Symposium | Hall II, 12:00—13:00
13:00   Poster Session | Poster exhibition area, 13:00—14:00
13:00   Novartis Satellite Symposium | Hall II, 13:00—14:00
14:00   Symposium | Hall I, 14:00—16:00
Novel approaches in treatment of depression with transcranial magnetic stimulation

Chair: Jurij Bon and Grega Repovš
16:00   Coffee Break | Poster exhibition area, 16:00—16:30
16:30   Symposium | Hall I, 16:30—18:30
Biology of schizoaffective continuum

Chair: Milica Velimirović Bogosavljević
18:30   Plenary talk | Hall I, 18:30—19:15
Astroglia in ageing and neurodegeneration

Alexej Verkhratsky
19:15   Best Poster Award & SNC'23 Closing | Hall I, 19:15—19:30


Poster presentations

Friday, 29 September 2023

13:00   Posters: Cellular Neuroscience A
CEL.01   FUS phosphorylation in FTLD
Helena Motaln
CEL.03   Neural agrin has an age-dependent stimulatory effect on the proliferation of cultured human myoblasts
Sergej Pirkmajer
CEL.05   Innervation of cultured human myotubes by α-motor neurons has divergent and time-dependent effects on the mRNA expression of Na+,K+-ATPase and myokines
Sergej Pirkmajer
CEL.07   Remote post-conditioning reduced inflammation markers and infarct size after focal ischemia associated with hyper-inflammatory reaction (simulation of COVID-19)
Jana Končeková
CEL.09   The role of tenascin-C on the structural plasticity of perineuronal nets and synaptic expression in the hippocampus
Ana Jakovljević
CEL.11   Effects of elevated extracellular K+ on astrocyte metabolism and morphology
Ena Begić
13:00   Posters: Clinical Neuroscience A
CLIN.01   Nucleus accumbens valence processing during offset analgesia
Andrew D. Vigotsky
13:00   Posters: Cognitive Neuroscience A
COG.01   Assessing cognitive sequelae of COVID-19 using telepsychological testing
Ana Kuder
COG.03   Cortical changes during the learning of sequences of simultaneous finger presses
Benjamín Garzón
13:00   Posters: Molecular Neuroscience A
MOL.01   Switch of rat dorsal root ganglia macrophages to M2 phenotype after cyto skeleton alteration reduces SNL-induced neuropathic pain
Roxana-Olimpia Gheorghe
MOL.03   Axonal and myelin recovery after traumatic spinal cord compression mediated via AT2 receptor stimulation
Jana Fedorova
MOL.05   Circular RNAs in association with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Metka Ravnik Glavač
MOL.07   Exosomal miRNA alterations in rotenone models of Parkinson’s Disease
Jason Cannon
MOL.09   hnRNPH localizes to G4C2 nuclear foci and cytoplasmic stress granules of C9orf72 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Nives Škorja Milić
MOL.11   Molecular factors that implicate involvement of human retrotransposon LINE1 in neurodegeneration
Klementina Polanec
MOL.13   Potential therapeutic effects of dehydroepiandrosterone and its sulfate in mouse models of Alzheimer´s disease
Barbara Vuić
MOL.15   The role of insulin and glucose in regulation of neuropathy target esterase-related esterase in primary human myotubes
Katarina Miš
MOL.17   The involvement of Angiotensin II receptors in posttraumatic recovery of severe injured spinal cord
Jaroslav Pavel
13:00   Posters: Neuroscience Methods
MET.01   Smart probes for ex vivo assessment of Alzheimer disease conformational pathology
Lana Blinc
13:00   Posters: Systems Neuroscience A
SYS.01   Behavioral sensitization and tolerance induced by ketamine enantiomers in male Wistar rats
Kristian Elersič
SYS.03   Effects of prayer on heart rate variability in resting sitting position in adults
Breda Žunkovič

Saturday, 30 September 2023

13:00   Posters: Cellular Neuroscience B
CEL.02   Impaired octopamine-mediated calcium signaling and glucose metabolism in Drosophila aging brain
Urška Černe
CEL.04   Astroglial P2X7R and Cx-43 expression pattern in the vicinity of autoreactive immune cells in EAE model
Katarina D. Miličević
CEL.06   Neurotoxicity of cumyl-PINACA synthetic cannabinoid: involvement of multiple cannabinoid receptors
Klara Bulc Rozman
CEL.08   The role of glial potassium channel in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Danijela Bataveljić
CEL.10   Transcriptomic screen of MASC-derived neurons from Niemann Pick C patients, reveals a feedback loop mechanism between TDP-43 and two novel TDP-43 potential second modifiers: ITPR1, and EPDR1
Francesca Paron
CEL.12   Paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy: in vitro and in vivo study
Zuzana Michalová
13:00   Posters: Clinical Neuroscience B
CLIN.02   Challenging the search for neuromarkers of mental disorders
Manca Kok
13:00   Posters: Cognitive Neuroscience B
COG.02   Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and cognitive decline in patients diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease
Tina Miloš
COG.04   Survival and self-expression values in Slovenia and North Macedonia: exploring moderators in the relationship between cognitive reserve and cognitive performance
Mia Micevska
13:00   Posters: Computational Neuroscience
COM.02   Inferring coupling functions of brain regions from synthetic EEG data by using graph neural networks
Nina Omejc
13:00   Posters: Molecular Neuroscience B
MOL.02   ALS/FTD-associated C9orf72 C4G2 repeat RNA binds to FARS protein and affect the rate of phenylalanine-tRNA aminoacylation
Urša Čerček
MOL.04   Muscle-specific microRNAs as spinal muscular atrophy biomarkers
Maruša Barbo
MOL.06   Examining the impact of TDP-43 mislocalization on its protein network
Jerneja Nimac
MOL.08   Expression of disease-associated mRNAs in platelets: a potential new biomarkers of ALS pathology?
Sara Cappelli
MOL.10   Hyperglycemic zebrafish exposed to chronic unpredictable mild stress display oxidative damage in the brain: mitigation by chlorogenic acid
Rhea Subba
MOL.12   Expression patterns of secretory pathway kinase FAM20C and its regulator FAM20A vary with differentiation stage in cultured skeletal muscle cells
Katja Fink
MOL.14   Crosstalk of Optineurin and TDP-43 in ALS and FTD
Nikolina Prtenjaća Mohović
MOL.16   Toxic potential of midazolam on rat cortical astrocytes
Dan Faganeli
13:00   Posters: Other B
OTH.02   What has (not) been learnt from the COVID pandemics
Tina Bregant
13:00   Posters: Systems Neuroscience B
SYS.02   Gut microbiota perturbations disrupts hippocampal serotonin bioavailability and anxiety behavior
Jazib Shafiq
SYS.04   The individual differences in response to ketamine enantiomers: an exploratory preclinical approach
Anamarija Banjac

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