YNFL'11 programme

Thursday, September 22nd

7:30   Registration and poster mounting
9:00   Opening of the Young Neuroscientists Forum Ljubljana '11
   Student presentations
YNFL-01   Analysis of Compound Action Potentials elicited in an insulated vagus nerve of a pig with selective vagus nerve stimulation
Polona Pečlin
YNFL-02   In vitro studies of EPM1 mutants of human stefin B
Mira Polajnar
YNFL-03   Investigating the “Tip-of-the-tongue” phenomenon
Karmen Resnik
YNFL-04   Changes at GABA-A receptors induced by long-term zolpidem treatment in primary culture of rat cerebellar granulle neurons
Josipa Vlainić
YNFL-05   The influence of nanosize titania on rat EEG power
Anna Zelenskaya
YNFL-06   A simple mathematical model accounts for the reactive electrocortical burst-suppression behavior during anesthetic coma
Alexandra Oana Constantinescu
YNFL-07   Brainstem tauopathy with progressive bulbar paralysis – a case presentation and analysis
Nena Golob
YNFL-08   Research for pathophysiology of early complications in acute spinal cord trauma
Karolis Bareikis
YNFL-09   Influence of Mozart's sonata K.448 on visual attention performance
Simon Brezovar
YNFL-10   Correlation between results of cognitive tasks performed with different emotions and EEG high frequency band
Elena P. Krutenkova
YNFL-11   An online brain-machine interface using decoding of movement direction from the human electrocorticogram
Tomislav Milekovic
10:45   Coffee break by the posters
11:00   Why should you give your life to neuroscience?
Colin Blakemore
11:40   Neuroscience and ethics
Zvezdan Pirtošek
12:20   Neuroscience and psychotherapy
Maja Rus Makovec
13:00   Lunch by the posters
14:00   Student presentations
YNFL-12   Morphological and quantitative analysis of neurons in lateral human hypothalamus and distribution of OX1R receptors
Dimitrios G. Mytilinaios
YNFL-13   Electroencephalographic and behavioural effects of intraperitoneal injection of grayanotoxin in adult Genetic Absence Epilepsy Rat from Strasbourg (GAERS)
Pınar Kuru
YNFL-14   Cognitive function in adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Barbara Szémán
YNFL-15   Multisensory integration in primary and supplementary visual cortices of the mouse: an in vivo 2-photon-calcium imaging study
Anja Pahor
YNFL-16   Neurofeedback training of the upper alpha frequency band in EEG improves cognitive performance
Benedikt Zoefel
YNFL-17   Phase of firing coding of sounds in the hippocampus
Ekaterina Vinnik
YNFL-18   Anatomical, neurochemical and functional consequences of selective cholinergic lesioning combined with local infusion of pre-aggregated amyloid peptide
Giulio Kleiner
YNFL-19   Noradrenergic contribution to spatial learning and memory: effects of selective lesion and tissue transplants
Francesco Fieramosca
YNFL-20   Neural stem cells-enriched tubulization improves anatomical and functional restoration of severed rat sciatic nerve
Lucia Verga Falzacappa
YNFL-21   An immunocytochemical tracer study of nigral dopamine neurons for the simultaneous double visualisation of tyrosine hydroxylase and fluorogold in light microscopy to investigate neuroprotection in a rat’s model of Parkinson’s disease following deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus
Roxana Baclesanu
YNFL-22   Activity of SKa-31 against seizure-like events in rat organotypic hippocampal slice cultures
Muhammad Liaquat Raza
16:00   Closing of the scientific programme of YNFL'11
22:00   Organized social programme in Ljubljana (Night sightseeing of Ljubljana's attractions and bars)

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