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Intervju s prof. dr. Benedettijem

ob Sinapsini nevroznanstveni konferenci '13

Nadja Jarc

Profesorja Fabrizia Benedettija, mednarodno uglednega nevroznanstvenika na področju placeba in plenarnega govorca na Sinapsini nevroznanstveni konferenci 2013 – SNC’13 (SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference ‘13) smo tekom konference povabili k intervjuju o njegovem raziskovalnem deIu.

Fabrizio BenedettiProfessor Benedetti, could you shortly introduce yourself?

My name is Fabrizio Benedetti. I work at University of Turin Medical school. I am a professor of Neuroscience in Turin, Italy. My background is in medicine, I am a medical doctor with a speciality in Neurophysiology. My main interest is in Neuroscience.

What influence do you think your research could have on patients and neuroscience itself?

There are many aspects that can be passed to application. It is importat to stress that for a neuroscientists it is important to understand different functions of the brain. There are also some practical applications. I think the most promising application is to run a conditioning in which you give a placebo and real drug every other day in order to reduce the intake of drugs. So it is possible to exploit this conditioning in administering drugs.

What would be the »hottest« frontier research news from your field?

There are many in field of »placebo«. First is the use of brain imaging to understand the neuroanatomy, the functional neuroanatomy of the placebo response.

How did you like our Conference & Ljubljana?

It’s wonderful! Thank you very much for the excellent organisation of course. It’s very interesting with top scientists for the primary speakers for sure. And I am here for the third time in Ljubljana – it is a beautiful city, the whole Slovenia is beautiful!

On the basis of your life experiences, what advice would you give to the young neuroscientists who are trying to succeed in these tought financial times?

Enthusiasm is more important than intelligence!