Doktorski studijski program: Italian Institute of Technology

Robert Volcic | 11. 6. 2012


rad bi vas seznanil z razpisom doktorskega študijskega programa v raziskovalnem centru CIMeC (Rovereto, Tridentinsko-Gornje Poadižje), točneje v raziskovalni skupini Active Vision, ki spada pod Italian Institute of Technology ( Razpis je odprt do 19. junija 2012.

Lep pozdrav, Robert Volcic

The CIMeC Doctoral School is now accepting applications for its PhD program.

The Center for Mind/Brain Sciences is offering 19 fellowships for the three-year Doctoral Program in Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

The application deadline is June 19, 2012. All courses are given in English, the official language of the doctoral school.

The PhD Program has two tracks:

  • Cognitive Neuroscience (15 full grants available)
  • Language, Interaction & Computation (4 full grants available)

Within the Cognitive Neuroscience track there are two Ph.D. positions financed by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) on the topic “Perception and motor control”. These two positions will be within the group led by Fulvio Domini. Potential Ph.D. students interested in the research carried on in our group should apply specifically for these two positions (Macro scientific area: Perception and Action, specific area: Perception and motor control).

Links of interest:

The complete list of required documents for the application, along with grant details, are listed in the announcements available here:

Some additional details are provided in the attached pdf document.

The application can be submitted through the online system:

This 3-year PhD Program makes use of the multi-disciplinary skills of its international faculty, of the state-of-the-art laboratories of the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences and of its promoting departments. The objectives of the Program are to develop the next generation of cognitive scientists, equipped with the requisite multidisciplinary skills and expertise to push the frontiers of the mind/brain sciences and to succeed in the global research community.

For questions or concerns please contact the School Administrator, Leah Mercanti [email protected] or our IIT secretary Sara Maistrelli [email protected].


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